How to Blog Better

Blogs abound on the Internet because almost anyone can have one. Here are some tips on how to make yours stand out from the crowd. You might feel as though you are delivering value but getting twelve email notifications from the same blog in one day will overwhelm your audience, and busy subscribers will unfollow rather than wade through too much information. The sweet spot for blog posting is three to five hundred words once or twice a week. Longer pieces should be produced less often, perhaps fortnightly or monthly. The language you use is important too. Keep your sentences short and easy to understand, and use words that most people will understand. If your blog is a chore to read, most people will simply not bother. Simple, effortlessly readable blog posts are a pleasure to read – and they can be harder to write than the reader thinks! Be interesting. Do not worry if your hobby is a bit niche or unusual, if you are passionate about it then your readers will be interested and engaged by your mentioning it. They might even be tempted to try out your hobby, so do not be shy about introducing links to your favourite pastime – even if they are not strictly related to the content of your blog! Hobbies humanise you, making you accessible and friendly – something not easy to achieve in the vast anonymity of the Internet. This is why the most successful blogs have plenty of human-interest pieces: anecdotes about children or pets, newsy bits about day jobs or overheard conversations – these are included deliberately to bring warmth to what would otherwise be an impersonal piece of text. To summarise: keep it short, keep it simple and keep it interesting. If you tick these boxes, you will see your subscribers’ list grow and grow!