Tips for Combining Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

Imagine making money from your passion. Affiliate marketing is one way to generate income after investing your time and energy to create a blog. In a nutshell, affiliate marketing involves earning money by advertising products using affiliate links. Every time a client purchases a product or service using a referral link you receive a commission. Apart from profits affiliate marketing adds value to your readers and it’s affordable to start since you only need a blog.

Finding a Niche

Income from affiliate sales is only possible if you have many visitors to your blog. The amount of traffic you generate depends on your content quality. Therefore make your blog worth visiting first before you add affiliate links. Focusing on a particular niche will increase your earnings exponentially. When a customer is searching for a product online, they seek information from experts. If you want to venture into poker, you can consult Poker Affiliate experts to guide you on the process.

Affiliate Programs

Once you have a site running and you have a niche, search for affiliate programs. There are two types of programs that you can follow. You can either be an affiliate for an individual company or join an affiliate network. Most affiliate programs require an application to verify the quality of your site. Low traffic should not stop you from applying, as long as your content is top-notch. However, only advertise products or companies you have dealt with before. If you are uncertain about a product, do not promote it otherwise you may ruin your credibility. Promote products you would recommend to a friend, and this will build trust. Add affiliate links or banners once you get approval to be an affiliate. Use the links on high traffic pages to get more views. You can create a resource page where you outline products or services that your readers would appreciate. Writing product reviews can also boost sales. There are many ways of making money online through your blog. Combing the various methods can increase your earnings.